Meltham Methodist Church

All Are Welcome

The Safeguarding Policy of Meltham Methodist Church lets you know that we take the care of children seriously.

The Methodist Church as a whole have developed a policy to ensure the safeguarding of children, based on a government document called  “Safe From Harm”. 
We have to ask that anyone who makes use of the Church building be brought up to date with the policy. Below is a link to  the Meltham Methodist Church Safeguarding Policy. Please read it if you are hiring the premises and complete, sign and return the Safeguarding Users Declaration. 
We feel it is appropriate to inform you of our Church Safeguarding Policy for your own peace of mind. A copy is also on display in Church.

Click here to download a copy

The Managing Trustees Privacy Policy

This link will take you to the privacy notice for Local Churches, Circuits and Districts within the Methodist Church in Great Britain.

We are committed to protecting personal information and respecting people's rights as to how their information is handled. Reigate Methodist Church is compliant with the GDPR which came into effect in May 2018.  

  • Personal data is only used for the purpose for which it has been collected
  • Individuals always opt in to providing their data and agreeing how it is used
  • No data kept by the Church is used for marketing or fundraising purposes
  • No data is passed on to other organisations, expect where the Church is legally required to do so

We follow the data protection procedures stipulated by the Methodist Church in the UK, 

Our Data Controller will respond if you wish to make a ‘subject data access request’.  They can be contacted via the contact page.